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US Tax Services - How we work

At Solutions 4 Expats, every client relationship is important to us and we recognize that every client’s situation is unique.

Prior to providing a fee quote, we prefer to meet personally with each client for an in-depth discussion in which the historical and current situation is reviewed. Future plans and any pressing concerns are taken into account so as to avoid unpleasant surprises further down the line.

As part of our personalized, service-oriented approach, we send our clients friendly reminders at crucial junctures such as the start of the tax season and approaching deadlines. We keep track of your preparation status and should it appear that you need assistance with gathering and providing supporting documents in a timely manner, we are here to offer practical support.

Solutions 4 Expats offers clients an all-inclusive fee quote at the start of the service relationship, before work has begun. Clients receive an engagement contract outlining the fees and the work to be done. No surprises.

As part of the all-inclusive fee, clients are welcome to contact us throughout the year with general questions regarding taxes, changes to family planning, residency, citizenship, or financial profile. We provide friendly, efficient support for areas in which we have expertise. For questions outside our expertise, we will gladly refer you to one of the professionals in our broad, international network of experts.

Clients are welcome to email or call with quick questions. In addition, we welcome the scheduling of telephone, Skype conferences or face-to-face meetings for longer discussions.